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IT & Managed Services are our strengths. This is how we steer companies successfully to their targets.

Our team of consultants are well-versed (and certified) in End User Success, IT security, Service Management and other solutions necessary to create a productive and safe workforce for your enterprise. We define, build, unify and manage your technology vision.

IT Managed Services

By managing the solution delivery for your business, our engineers can be a virtual extension of your team to help drive adaptation of best practices and provide the best end user experience.

IT Service Management

Service Management is the lifeblood of every organization.  Part Lifeguard, Police Officer and FireFighter, your team is on the front lines every day, leveraging people, processes and technology to keep the ship sailing and on course.  The unsung hero in most organizations, The Service Management group plays a critical role.

Storage & Virtualization

When it comes to designing storage and the data center solutions, flexibility, security and agility are your top concerns. There are many questions to consider when updating or replacing your data centers:

IT Operations

You no longer manage just the endpoints in IT – you attempt to manage the end user, and all of their actions.  But in today’s world of Shadow IT, mobile road warriors and app stores, it’s a challenge keeping up with your internal customers.


Managing your networking infrastructure is no easy task.  There is no room for error, and you need dependable products and services to keep your network up and running efficiently.


You know the challenges and pressure of being responsible for securing your organization against the unknown.  It’s an intricate balance staying vigilant against internal and external threats, while at the same time continuing to maximize employee productivity.

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We are industry agnostic and have worked with a wide range of Fortune 500


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“These guys are brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired them two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon.”

“Our company had a very specific use case for how we needed our infrastructure set up. Spanning Tree was able to understand our business and integrate into our team seamlessly. Bravo!”

“Spanning tree knocked it out of the park helping us re-configure our network architecture to bring down our yearly costs.”